eCommerce is a general term for the buying and selling (Commerce) of goods and services online (e).

To professionals, eCommerce can mean multiple things and is far more complex.

We provide eCommerce consulting in various forms; however, we specialize in and are Amazon marketplace experts. With over 6 years direct Amazon experience, both as a Manufacturer and Seller, very few people can provide you the knowledge and expertise we can.

We have local and national clientele and provide Amazon consulting in multiple forms including complete set up and management of your seller central or vendor central account, listing creation and optimization using Amazon search data and index markers, set up, optimization and ongoing management of sponsored products and PPC, case management, buyer customer service, shipment reconciliation and more.

We also provide traditional consulting in competitive intelligence,  launching private label or your go to market strategy.

We don’t offer a course. There is no digital download here, and no offer to get rich quick by selling on Amazon or any third-party platform for that matter. We offer consulting. Real, proven methodology based on experience.

Brand Integrity

Perhaps one of the largest issues most manufacturers face today is how to maintain the integrity and value of their brand in Amazon’s ever-changing marketplace. In many ways, it’s a dangerous dance with the devil; vital to have your products available and represented on Amazon, yet a dangerous place to fall prey to reckless and inexperienced sellers as they destroy  brand value fighting other sellers in a race to the bottom to make pennies on the dollar.

Amazon is a tough place for many manufacturers struggling to catch up and learn how to not only control or manage their brand but to create a growth channel- especially for what was once not only misunderstood, but also showed little appeal. Today manufacturers are faced with catching up very quickly, while at the same time dealing with the changing landscape of the brick and mortar base previously their foundation and family for many years.

How We Make A Difference

We represent many manufacturers and we are a critical bridge for their brand. We can help you understand how things work, and teach you how to manage the many aspects of the platform. We teach you methods to control your distribution and create a viable authorized seller and map program. And if you prefer to do what you do best and manufacture- then leave it up to us to manage it all for you providing a complete solution!

Many sellers often have no intention of destroying product and brand integrity, but simply don’t understand how the system is set up to do so very easily. We work with you to build your brand with value. We will teach you the principles of sourcing good, valuable product and teach you how to master the art of the buy box sale and Amazon A9 algorithm.

We also work within other platforms such as private Shopify stores, eBay, Walmart,, as well as flash sales such as Zulily, Groupon and more.

Professional eCommerce Consulting.

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Complete third party platform solution for manufacturers: Evaluation-Setup-Management

General eCommerce

eCommerce consulting for startup, or existing business. Best practices for multiple marketplaces.


eCommerce Growth Strategy and Best Practice for Sellers Including Custom eCommerce Site Builds.

eCommerce needs vary and our expertise can provide solutions and guidance regardless where you fall.

Take a look at some of the areas we offer expertise:

Manufacturer Consulting
Transparency and expertise so that you can focus on your core business.

Complete third party platform solution:Evaluation-Setup-Management

eCommerce platform evaluation

Independent/exclusive brand representation.

Growth strategy online- turning 3P into a growth channel instead of just managing it

Brand Registry enrollment

Seller and Vendor Central set up and management

Product catalog set up

Listing optimization, category classification and key words

Copy writing for effective product listing and branding message

Order fulfillment

Online pricing stability and control

Distribution and supply chain tracking and management

Map program development, implementation, enforcement

Authorized seller selection and management

Multi-channel agreements

Copyright, trademark and intellectual property infringement, management, reporting and resolution​

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General eCommerce consulting offered for startup, or existing business.

Proven history of evaluating the financial aspects of eCommerce, such as budgets, forecasts, expenditures, along with return-on-investment and profit-loss projections

Amazon growth channel, algorithm, pricing and strategy expert

Competitive marketplace consulting

Top retailer partnerships, affiliate branding

Expertise in eCommerce best practices, as well as experience utilizing and implementing sophisticated tools

Creation and management of eCommerce websites/stores and mobile applications.

Best practices for content, image, branding and promotion messaging of Marketplaces and store product listings.

Maintenance and feedback on navigational hierarchy and shopping experience of Marketplace stores and eCommerce websites

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Seller Consulting : eCommerce Growth Strategy and Best Practice 

Liaison to manufacturer

Partnerships and Exclusive manufacturer relationships

Private labeling/white glove coordination and negotiation

Commitment to and dissemination of quickly moving industry

Amazon Vendor Central, Seller Central and Brand Registry set up and management

Listing optimization, category classification and key words

Copy writing capability for effective product listing and branding message

Inventory relief/liquidation

3P logistics coordination

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