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We’ve been on the Amazon platform since 2012 both as a seller and manufacturer. As a result, we have valuable knowledge you can’t buy in a course or with inexperienced help. We can handle everything from account set up to listing creation and optimization, as well as Amazon pay per click (PPC) advertising.

If you are considering launching your brand or growing your brand on Amazon, then you can’t afford to miss the opportunity to work with an expert. Our clients have been with us for years, show a constant upward trajectory and couldn’t be more pleased.

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Listing Creation & Optimization

Take charge of your growth and performance letting us handle your listing optimization.

We take the guesswork out using proven methodology to take advantage of search engine optimization and the A9 algorithms. Let us create or optimize your existing listings to produce results fast. With our proven process, we can handle new and existing products!

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digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Set-Up, Management and Optimization of PPC, Influencer Marketing, Retargeting, and Sponsored Products

With our sister company and full-service digital marketing firm Delaware Digital Media, we have access to in house resources others can only dream of. We create external brand awareness and drive external traffic to your listings through Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

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Inventory Management

A key component that can make or break your profitability

A key component that can make or break your profitability- we handle all aspects from supply chain to fulfillment, dropshipping, restocking, and managing shipment plans and reconciliation.

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Branding-stand out

Brand Integrity

Take charge of your brand on the marketplace and keep unauthorized sellers and counterfeiters away

We are the critical bridge for your brand on Amazon. We maintain the integrity and value of your brand in Amazon’s ever-changing marketplace. We help you understand how things work, and teach you how to manage the many aspects of the platform. We teach you methods to control your distribution and create a viable authorized seller and map program. And if you prefer to do what you do best and manufacture- then leave it up to us to manage it all for you providing a complete solution!

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